ElectraQuip LED3DVA AMBER 3 LED Strobe Light Multivolt 12/24v (Pair)

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ElectraQuip LED3DVA AMBER 3 LED Strobe Light Multivolt 12/24v (Pair)

Part number: LED3DVA (x2)

Electraquip Multivolt 3 LED Amber Strobe (Amber) - This light is a very bright pulsating strobe with 3 amber LEDs with different patterns of pulsation available, and up to 10 lights can be sychronized.

Light Specifications/Functions:

  • Type: LED.
  • Strobe: 3 high powered LED's.
  • 0.35amps @ 13.8v.
  • Mutivoltage: 12 or 24 Volt.
  • Colour: Amber.

Dimensions: Width: 94mm x Height: 37mm x Depth: 27mm.

Additional Information:

  • 5x Bare Wires (recommend heat shrink connectors).
  • Surface Mounted on 80mm centers.
  • Can be synchronized with other units.
  • As these lights come with wires out of the back you will need to Join the wires to another wire. this can be done with a RED inline crimp connector. We do recommend using heat shrink connectors on these lamps as this will seal the joint and stop water getting in and corroding the wires.

Additional Information:

  • Shipping Weight: 1.80kg.
  • 100% Genuine UK sourced ElectraQuip product.

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