Durite 0-210-74, In Vehicle 24V 8 Inch Oscillating Fan

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Durite 0-210-74, In Vehicle 24V 8 Inch Oscillating Fan

Part number: 0-210-74

Powerful 24V DC 8 inch oscillating fan.

  • Supplied with a multi-angle swivel bracket and dual connection kit.
  • Comprising of: cigarette lighter plug with 1.1 metres of cable and on-off switch with 1.2 metres of cable.
  • Vehicle battery powered.
  • CE approved.

Air conditioning and panel heat reducing fans with oscillator function. For cars, trucks, buses, off road industrial equipment, aeroplane, boats and recreational vehicles. Provides better defrosting in cold weather, better demisting in the spring, summer and autumn and better cooling on hot days. The sturdy wire-mesh safety housing is heavily plated, the three bladed 8 inch diameter fan is formed of plastic, all of which resists corrosion and prevents the formation of rust.

Shipping Weight: 1.04kg.

100% Genuine UK sourced Durite product.

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