Amber Valley AVPP12VR 12V Battery Power Protector Cut Off

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Amber Valley AVPP12VR 12V Battery Power Protector Cut Off

Part number: AVPP12VR

The Amber Valley Power Protector System constantly monitors the battery voltage and warns the driver if the voltage drops below a predetermined level. If the vehicle's ignition is in the on position, the Power Protector will constantly warn the driver without automatically disconnecting all circuits passed through it, thus ensuring that the driver has time to stop and park his vehicle safely. However if the ignition is off, the Power Protector will automatically disconnect all circuits passed through it after 1 minute from the warning buzzer sounding. The advantage is that non essential equipment such as drivers overnight equipment (heaters, Televisions, Laptop computers etc etc) can be powered through this device to prevent them completely discharging the vehicle battery - thus avoiding expensive jump starts and recovery expenses etc.

• The kit comes complete with monitor/isolator unit, warning buzzer and reset/ remote isolator rocker switch.
• Cut Off Voltage = 11.5v.
• 12 Volt Model.
• Shipping weight: 1.10kg.

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