Revive 1449-9000 Turbo Cleaner And Restorer Starter Kit

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Revive 1449-9000 Turbo Cleaner And Restorer Starter Kit

Part number: 1449-9000

This is a safe water based, non toxic and also a non flammable fluid. This is used for cleaning and maintenance of all engines.

  • By performing three cleaning doses on the vehicle - carbon layers are removed gradually.
  • Makes the engine clean.

How to use Revive:

  • Always use with a cold engine, unclip the intake pipe after the air filter and MAF sensor.
  • Spray the revive in 3 doses of 250ml into the intake - 1st spray with the engine running at 2200RPM, 2nd spray at 1800RPM, stop the engine for three minutes and the re-start the vehicle's engine, running at 2000 RPM with the final spray.
  • Keep the engine running for a few more minutes, until the revive has worked around the system.
  • Take the vehicle for a brisk drive for around twenty minutes - this will complete the treatment.
  • This cleaning process can be done before the vehicle is due it's service, allowing it to be filled with clean oil.

Additional information:

  • 100% Genuine SP Diagnostics Product.
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