Amber Valley AVR90 12/24 Volt Reverse Alarm / Bleeper + Night Silent

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Amber Valley AVR90 12/24 Volt Reverse Alarm/Bleeper - with Night Silent Override

Part number: AVR90

Amber Valley AVR90 12/24 Volt Reverse Alarm/Bleeper, with Night Silent Override.

• Single Bolt Fixing.
• Multi Voltage 12 - 24v.
• 98 DB.
• 980 Hz.
• 0.25A Current Draw.
• 75mm x 76mm.
• CE marked EMC.
• Pressure washable.
• Sonic welded and epoxy sealed for greater durability against water and vibration.
• M.I.R.A. tested for all on and off road applications.
• Waterproof.
• 100% Genuine UK sourced Amber Valley product.
• Shipping weight: 1.10kg.

With third lead - orange (night silent) mutes the unit when the side lights are in use. The fourth lead - green (night silent override) overrides the mute in fog.

Night silent alarms are a good idea, except in foggy weather. When fog lights are in use the side lights must also be in use, muting the alarm when it is most needed. The overide (green) lead is connected to the fog light overriding the mute.

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